Code of Ethics for Certified Travel Seller

All Certified Travel Sellers must uphold the following standards and responsibilities:
ACCURACY - All members must be accurate and factual when providing information about all services.
DISCLOSURE – All members must provide upon request complete details of all products, transactions, policies, and terms and conditions.
RESPONSIVENESS – All members must be prompt in their response to any inquiry and complaint.
CONFIDENTIALITY – All members must treat customer transactions and any information gained confidentially and can only use this information outside of the realm of the transaction with express permission from the customer.
CONFLICT OF INTEREST – All members will not allow any established relationship with a supplier interfere with the interest of their client.
HOURS – All members must maintain some form of regular business hours and post this information where it is easily accessible to clients.
TELEPHONE – All members must maintain a business telephone with a published phone number.
CHARACTER – All members must maintain high character and good reputation within the community.
TRUTHFULNESS – All members must never deceive or purposefully mislead any customer in any way.
ALTERATION – All members can never make any negative alterations to any documents.
RECORDS – All members must maintain complete and accurate records of all purchases, sales, and refunds.
GUARANTEE – At time of order, all members must inform the customer if the order is not guaranteed. If the service or product is guaranteed and they are not delivered, the member must provide a refund, unless there is cause beyond the member’s control, such as shipping errors, natural disasters, labor issues, etc.
POLICY – All members must have all refund, rescheduling, and cancellation policies conspicuously posted where the member does business.
PROFESSIONALISM – All members must conduct business professionally and ethically, following all the guidelines set in this document.
HONESTY – All members must act honestly with other members.
IMAGE – All members must act in a manner that is never detrimental to the image and reputation of the industry.
TIMELINESS – All members must pay any undisputed invoice to fellow members in a timely manner.